Faye Crosby

Thinking of Bruce brings many very positive memories to mind.  Bruce was a very well-known scholar, and most of the memories concern our very collegial interactions within the department and beyond it at UCSC.  But some of the memories center on our interactions off the hill.  It was always a pleasure to encounter Bruce dressed up in his tuxedo, singing in the chorale.  How lovely to see Bruce and Diane at cultural events.

One particularly vivid memory speaks to Bruce’s commitment not just to our department or to his field but to the environment and future generations.  Bruce was an early adopter of the Prius because of its promise for clean energy.  When he learned that I was considering what car to purchase next, he and Diane came over in their Prius and offered to take me and my then-partner for a spin.  I had been leaning toward the purchase of a Prius (thanks to Bruce) but my partner was more resistant.  Bruce explained the advantages of the car, drove us around the block, and then put my partner behind the wheel.  She was convinced, and we bought a Prius.  Again and again I saw Bruce go out of his way to fulfill his civic obligations.  And although he occasionally muttered some dissatisfaction about shouldering a burden that others ignored, nine times out of ten he went about making the world a better place with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

Bruce’s tragic death has been a shock and a sadness.  I do and I will miss him.