Campbell Leaper

I joined the faculty at UCSC in 1988. Bruce was one of the first faculty to invite me out to lunch during my first weeks. The Psychology Department was located in Kerr Hall at the time, and we went to Kresge College. I recall us discussing politics. A few years later, I started to volunteer as a judge for the Santa Cruz County Science Fair. Over the years, Bruce and I were regular judges covering the Behavioral Sciences Division at the Fair. During one of my earliest years at the Science Fair, I found myself judging Bruce’s and Diane’s daughter, Tess. The other judges and I agreed that her project was outstanding, and I recall Tess was awarded the first-place ribbon! Just as Bruce was committed to promoting science among students at the science fair, he was also a strong supporter of the scientific training of UCSC psychology students. At faculty meetings, Bruce would tirelessly advocate for adding more biology and math course requirements for our majors.

Bruce was one of the most prolific researchers in our department. In recognition of his scientific achievements, Bruce was the first faculty to receive the Martin M. Chemers Award for Outstanding Research in 2007. After he retired 6 years ago, Bruce remained active in his research and teaching. He also continued to bicycle to campus! Over the years, I would be driving up to campus for a morning faculty meeting, and I would see Bruce peddling up Coolidge Drive on his bicycle. My last memory of seeing Bruce is a happy one. This past May, the Psychology Department held a dinner to celebrate emeriti faculty who had retired within the last 15 years. This included Bruce–and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to recognize him then. Two pictures with Bruce from this event appear below.